My first collection of only 300 collectable NFTs featuring carefully curated Instagram posts. Each NFT presents a real location in London and is available in high-resolution JPEG and PDF.

What to look for in each NFT
All NFTs feature my favourite locations in London. Which one speaks to you most? Favourite street, gorgeous view, or a quirky house? The price of each NFT may vary according to the complexity and rarity of the location. Acquiring each NFT you will receive unlockable content with exact coordinates of the location that inspired my post.
London is the best place to experiment with your style. I pay close attention to details, building my outfit. It must be stylish, comfy and reflect my mood. Each outfit I choose corresponds to the vibe of the place in London I'm visitng.
Special Occasion
Featuring me on a special occasion, like a holiday or an event, adds rarity to the NFT, It links my NFT to a real moment in time in the life of Londoners. So stay tuned!

...As real as social media can be...

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